Scholar Artcover Gratitude Journal (AGR2-B)


Elevate your daily routine with our Gratitude Journal – a pathway to positivity and well-being. Cultivate amindset of appreciation as you capture moments of gratitude, fostering joy and mindfulness in every page.


The Gratitude Journal has been designed for you to remind yourself of the positive aspects of life & build resilience toward negative situations.

The affirmation and acknowledgement, that you have been blessed with something or someone, and are thankful for it’s existence in your life, is gratitude. Starting a Gratitude Journal is a very personal decision and you should create yours in a way that works best for you. Within this journal, we have included topics that will serve as a guide to you. Take the effort to learn what makes you happy.


Designer Cover

The cover of our journal is not just a protective shield; it’s a work of art in itself. Featuring captivating and original artwork, each journal is a unique piece that reflects the spirit of your adventures.

Premium Quality Pages

Luxuriate in the smooth embrace of our high-quality pages. Thick and opulent, each page invites your pen to dance gracefully, capturing your daily expressions of gratitude with finesse.


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To have a tangible reminder to journal the things you are grateful for and to help you stay on track towards your simple goal of making gratitude expression a part of your life. It has many benefits which include but are not limited to:

Improves mental health

Multiple studies in the field of positive psychology have shown that
gratitude journaling helps people to get rid of negative emotions.

Increases happiness

Further studies have shown that daily gratitude journaling has the
single largest impact of increasing happiness and improving self esteem.

Helps you sleep better

With a lower amount of negative emotions and greater feelings of
self-worth and happiness, many of the things that keep us up at night tossing and turning are gone.

Increases resilience

When you are grateful for the good things that have happened in your life, you also become more immune to negative reactions when the bad comes around.

Improves relationships

When you express gratitude people like you more because you make
them feel good about themselves.


  • Set a Routine

    15 minutes a day for at least 3 times a week.

  • God is in the details

    Reflect & write down up to 3 things for which you feel grateful. The goal of the exercise is to remember a good event, experience, person or thing in your life.

  • Self- reassurance

    Setting positive daily affirmations to help reassure yourself that you have the ability to manage stress and other challenges.

  • Mindfulness is the key

    Do it like you mean it. Be specific & note with clarity. Opt for depth over breadth.

Available as a gift set too!

A thoughtful gift for the ones you care for!

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 14.8 × 15 cm







Natural Shade Paper


Hard Case

MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹349
Brand Scholar
Manufactured By Janata Book Mfg. Depot
Beauty House, T.J. Road, Sewri West,
Ram Tekdi, Near Dosti Flamingoes, Mumbai - 400015, MH, India.
Country of Origin India


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