About Us

Scholar is a stationery manufacturing company that designs and manufactures high quality paper stationery & allied products with the simple goal of improving the daily lives of our customers.

Est. 1958

Our Story

Scholar is a stationery manufacturing company that designs and manufactures high quality paper stationery & allied products with the simple goal of improving the daily lives of our customers.

We are almost-perfectionists who pay attention to detail and perform meticulous execution resulting in outstanding quality across our spectrum of products.

Under the leadership of our managing director, Mihir Shah, Scholar has successfully transitioned from being a traditional producer to a modern contemporary stationery brand with intuitive design at the heart of its conceptualisan tion process.

We import the finest and most sustainable raw materials from across the globe to give a superior experience to the Indian market.

Scholar epitomizes trust, sincerity and thoughtful design in everything it does. 

We work from our factory located in the heart of the iconic city of India; Mumbai!

We are always excited to welcome guests. Come visit us sometime to discuss ideas over a happy cup of coffee.

Our History

Setting Industry Standards

The Birth of Scholar is a story of courage, vision and opportunity.  In 1957, our founder, came to Mumbai as a young man with nothing but a few paises in his pockets and a truck load of dreams from a little-known village in Kutch, Gujrat. This was the time of the post-independence era where the onus on education as a national priority had just begun. It was his firm belief that the youth of India was its future and their education was paramount to the growth and development of the New India.

While text books would involve research and development of content, regulatory approvals and a higher infrastructure cost, the manufacturing of notebooks seemed a relatively possible venture.

In 1958, he borrowed from friends and family to set up a humble factory at Fort, Mumbai called Janata Book Mfg. Depot and started producing notebooks and other scholastic stationery products. These offerings served as catalysts to the education of young minds and facilitated their journey towards academic brilliance and hence he decided to name his products as SCHOLAR.

In the pursuit of his vision to help create brighter futures, he set foot on the journey to create one of India’s most trusted and loved stationery brands owned today by the Shah Family.

Our Vision

To be a global stationery & lifestyle brand that helps bring about a positive change throughout one’s journey of life and contributes to the development of Individuals & through them, the world.

Our Mission

To create products that help spark creativity, inspire ideas & foster individual expression. To develop, market and sell innovations that make our daily lives better & happier!

Our How

We do this by adopting green technologies of manufacturing, by building an independent and free willed team & by supporting and contributing to the development of all our stakeholders.

  • Design

    We Focus on innovation and challenging the status quo.

  • Research

    Conceiving products that make life better for you. Beautiful and useful at the same time.

  • Collaborations

    Partnering with the best of the Paper & allied companies in the world to get access to high quality, sustainable & trend setting materials.

  • Delegate

    We delegate with training. We don’t demand. We educate, allow free will, make room for continuous improvements.

  • Machinery

    We invest regularly to modernize our equipment and infrastructure.

  • Sustainability

    We are always looking to create sustainability by way of environment friendly inputs and methods.

  • Happiness

    Creating an environment of trust, empathy and compassion amongst our employees and customers.

  • Listening

    We listen. To everyone. And this is what brings about change.

The Brand Promise

Exceptional quality, passionately designed & reasonably priced paper stationery & allied products.

What do we do?

A symbol of contemporary minimalism, our product range encompasses

  • Notebooks & journals
  • Planners & diaries
  • Sketchbooks & art materials
  • Desk stationery essentials
  • Lifestyle goods such as vegan leather accessories like bags, pouches and wallets, wall art, writing instruments, etc.

Our Business Model

  • Awareness – We aim to engage continuously in order to create brand awareness through offline and online platforms.
  • Product Offerings – We consistently add products to our paper and non-paper categories to achieve our vision of being a lifestyle brand.
  • Distribution- We keep getting closer to customers by consistently expanding our network through a multi-channel strategy of retailers, wholesalers, distributors & end users across India and the world to achieve our vision of being a global brand.

Our Manifesto

  • We just live once. Do all those things that make you happy and don’t hurt others.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Spend time with the ones who matter. Have friends. Celebrate. Build Memories.
  • Change no one but YOURSELF. Be Positive. Inspire Others. Be a beacon of hope and radiate from WITHIN.
  • Be kind and compassionate towards all living beings. Forget and forgive
  • Live a life with Integrity. Lose Ego. Hold Self Respect.
  • Be polite with your words and sharp in your actions.
  • Be Patient. Keep Persevering. All Good things take time.
  • Plan your life. Set Goals. Dare to Dream. Breathe each gasp of air to achieve ONLY & ONLY the mission, vision, dreams & goals for yourself and the organization you work for.
  • Be Healthy. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Operate in Balance.
  • Knowledge is everywhere. All you need are open eyes and keen ears.
  • Love your work. Be passionate about everything you do.
  • Take risks. Be courageous. Follow your Gut. Mistakes = Progress
Key People

Meet The Scholars

Late Bachubhai Shah


Shashikant Shah

Chairman & Guru

Mihir Shah

CEO & Creative Head

Kathan Shah

Director & Chief Pacifier

Our Team

Durriya Mukadam

Senior Accounts Manager

Shweta Gawde

Accounts/Compliances Manager

Kanchan Gala

H.R. Manager

Karuna Pardeshi

Manager - Purchase & Imports

Amit Mane

Production Head

Shubham Sharma


Swara Rane

Incharge - Retail Stockists

Riddhi Gangar

Product Manager