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Have you ever wanted to have someone who you can just turn to and ask, “Help me write my paper?” If you did, WriteMyPapers is that “someone” or rather a group of certain professionals who can help you with that. This company offers students at universities, colleges, and schools a cost-effective academic writing service. Let’s see if this paper writing company is legit in this review.

General Information About The Service

As mentioned, this is a professional writing service that provides numerous academic writing services in different subjects of various complexity. The company’s website is easy to use because of its simple yet practical price calculator slash application form. You can use this form/calculator to customize your orders by specifying key details like the type of paper, academic level, deadline, the number of pages, and other crucial requirements from professors or yourself.

The company seems like a great ally for those seeking academic assistance without paying a lot. Its focus on affordability, paired with the simplicity of its price calculator, makes this academic writing website an invaluable resource for students aiming to achieve academic success without financial stress.

Moreover, the company also helps businesses because it can write marketing texts, create presentations, and even make business plans. Thus, the company knows how important qualified writing papers for students, businesses, high schoolers and others need to be.

What Does This Website Offer?

The service has a pretty standard set of writing offers for customers. Here is what you should expect in terms of services:

  • Writing from scratch.
  • Editing and proofreading.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Problem solving.
  • Admission help.

Naturally, each section has a different price, but more on that further in the article. Admission help is for people applying to colleges and universities (or special programs). The most popular service is writing from scratch. Thus, it is the type of “writing my paper” service that is highly needed.

Clients can order essays, term papers, PowerPoint presentations, dissertations, reviews (book and movie), and a dozen other options. So, the range of services is almost endless. The service is also valuable for business owners because it has accounting calculations help, and the writers may even write a detailed and convincing business plan or idea for a client who wants to apply for a loan or start a business.

One crucial benefit of the company is its customer support. The platform does not offer support only to VIP clients but provides its to anyone. So you can seek and get help via the button in the top right of the screen. It redirects users to three channels: live chat, email help, and messenger chat. Clients can choose any channel to get answers to their questions.

How It Works

As mentioned, the company has a user-friendly website with a simple calculator/order placement form. You can place an order and immediately see the price. But let’s see more details so that you can place an order if you decide to use the services of the platform.

To start, you need to place your order. Fill in all the required fields with the necessary details, and you can also upload any relevant files that can guide the writer. This information is essential because it sets the foundation for your paper that will provide as many useful details as possible. It is the key to success. You also have the option to enhance your experience by choosing extras like an Advanced Writer or VIP service, giving you more control over your order.

Remember, WriteMyPapers works on a prepaid basis, but you should not worry about that. The countdown to your deadline only begins once your payment is processed, ensuring that your writer has the time they need to deliver a quality paper.

After placing your order, you can communicate with your writer through the platform’s control panel. You can send messages or share files to provide additional information or clarification. This direct line of communication helps make sure that the writer meets your requirements (or the requirements of your professor).

You can also keep an eye on the time left until your paper is due by logging into your account. This helps you stay informed about the progress of your order, plus it is comforting to understand that you are soon to receive your paper.

You can download the paper from your control panel once your writer has completed writing it (you can see if the writer started writing the order in the same panel). You can retrieve your work thanks to the simple process. Additionally, you can rate your order to offer commentary on both your experience and the writer’s performance. This not only keeps the quality high but also allows you an opportunity to express your opinions.

Once you get your paper, you can read and review it to check if it meets your expectations. While writing this review, we found out that the company has a money-back guarantee, which means that you can request a free revision and even cancel the order and get your money back if the paper does not meet your initial requirements. So, the recommendation is to be clear with your instructions; it is extremely important.


This writing company has a special section with prices where you can check how your work is charged. You can also place an order, add all details, and see the price there. However, let’s see what prices clients should expect in case they are wondering about the fee structure.

The most expensive type of service is admission help, which is not a surprise given it is such an important work. The next in line is writing from scratch, then proofreading and editing, with problem-solving being the most affordable option.

The company charges according to the academic levels, which are as follows:

  • Undergraduate.
  • Bachelor.
  • Professional (master’s degree).

These levels mean that school students can use the undergraduate level work and save money. The price is also affected by the deadline and the number of pages. So, let’s see a few examples.

Suppose you need a 5-page Bachelor-level essay with a tight 1-day deadline. In this case, one page will cost you $19. Multiply that by the total number of pages (5 pages), and you get a total cost of $95 for your essay.

Now, let’s consider the same 5-page Bachelor-level essay but with a more relaxed 14-day deadline. In this scenario, the cost per page drops to $11. When you multiply this by the total number of pages (5 pages), the total cost for your essay comes to $55.

Simply put, the platform charges clients based on the complexity of the work, academic level, and the urgency of the deadline.


One of the benefits that makes users opt for this service is that it has positive reviews from actual clients on third-party websites that enable them to leave feedback. You can visit these sites and see it for yourself. However, there are a few other important advantages:

  • When the writer works on your paper, it is done from the ground up. That means no copying from other sources. The company also makes sure to mention those sources properly (yes, quotations are added).
  • WriteMyPapers does not use computer programs to write your papers. Real people do the work, so you get content that is not robotic or generated (which is extremely frowned upon by all institutions).
  • Got questions or need help? You can reach out anytime you want, day or night. Friendly folks from the support team are there to chat with you and give you the assistance you need.
  • The website is well aware that students always need to cut expenses, so the team offers prices that will not rip you off. Plus, there are discounts and bonuses available to make it even more affordable. A friendly tip: ensure you have a loose deadline to cut expenses.

The company is legit and safe, so you will not have to worry about privacy.


So, should you even consider asking this paper writing company to “write my college paper,” all things considered? Yes, the company is legit and affordable, and it will keep your order a secret. Everyone needs help now and then, and there is no shame in admitting that you need writing help. This company is solid, and the writers do their best to research properly and present their thoughts in a well-thought-out manner.

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