Daily Planner (DPL)


Features an undated layout with a myriad of unique features like productivity rater, gratitude, top priorities etc. Experience the benefits of planning one day at a time.



Date Marker

Record the date, day & month through our designated sections for future reference.

Mood Marker

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling on top of the world or you could barely walk out of bed? Whatever it may be, note it in the mood marker. Marking your mood daily & monitoring your trend might help you notice a pattern on particular days & help you make changes to be more productive.

Daily Motivation

We all need inspiration. Give yourself a morning booster shot but daily recording your favorite quote or affirmation. Daily affirmations help you to be grateful, positive & enable higher self belief.

Top Priorities

From your endless list, note down three (could be just 1 or 2 tasks as well)  top priority tasks that are not only super important for the day but also aligned to your larger goals of life. Focus on getting these top tasks done first before you set eyes on the not so urgent ones. Try following the Eisenhower Matrix for better prioritization.

Water Intake

Note down exactly how much water you;re having through the day. Staying hydrated helps your brain and organs perform at their very best.


Note down all your scheduled meetings, phone or zoom calls in the appointments section and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises. Punctuality & timeliness are the greatest traits of successful individuals.

To-Do List / Secondary Tasks

For all the superheroes out there, we have a designated section for further noting of your tasks which are usually petty and insignificant but necessary for operations. Note down all your miscellaneous things to do but make sure you don’t go overboard with them. An overwhelming list is also a huge energy drainer & a major cause for hyperness & anxiety. Balance is key; too much work can lead to anxiety. So giving your writing assignment to writers at essayswriting.org is the perfect solution to take a break from studying and relax. And also get a high score.


Only a healthy you has a hopeful future tomorrow. Health is our biggest wealth so note down the things you need to do today that are a part of your self care routine. Could be a 30 minute brisk walk, an HIIT session, hitting the gym or meditation. Write it & more importantly DO IT.


We have a million reasons to feel thankful on a daily basis towards various aspects of our life. From friends & family, to materialistic comforts, to special gestures & acts of kindness. Noting your daily gratitude helps you to build a positive mind, harbor better relationships, relish good experiences & deal with adverse times. 

What I learned from today?

Highlight important learnings that you observed through the day. This needs to be done usually at the end of the day when you sit to introspect.

How can I make tomorrow better?

Once you’ve noted your learnings, implement them in your next actions for a better, stronger & brighter tomorrow. 

Daily Productivity Marker

How did your day go? Don’t be afraid if it’s a one star. It is not about the number of stars. It is perfectly ok to have a bad day or multiple of them. What is important is acknowledgement and the motivation to bounce back.

All things said, use this pad the way that works best for you. It is not about having an ultra productive day or the perfectly organised schedule. It is about sparing a few minutes to plan.

As is wisely said, Plans are NOTHING. Planning is EVERYTHING.

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