Use Paryavaran. Save Paryavaran.

Paryavaran is a sanskrit word that means “Environment” in english.

We, at Scholar stationery, firmly believe in the use of sustainable inputs for manufacturing most of our products. In the lockdown of 2020, a new awakening took the form of our sub-brand PARYAVARAN, a product line with a mission of sustainability in all aspects right from manufacturing to the raw materials used therein. Our vision is to introduce as well as convert as many products as we can under this initiative.

What makes PARYAVARAN truly eco-friendly?

Responsibly Manufactured

All of the products are manufactured using green technologies of manufacturing. Ranging from inks & chemicals to power consumption, we have adopted eco-friendly practices for the production of this product line.

Green Inputs

Paryavaran sketchbooks are made with FSC certified paper, cover and board. FSC is a swiss organisation that has stringent rules with regards to the production of paper & board. An FSC certified input basically means the manufacturer has produced from the pulp that is harvested responsibly as per the guidelines of the FSC.

Biodegradable & Recylable

All of the inputs used in the PARYAVARAN series are bio-degradable and completely recyclable thus ensuring a clean environment and leaving less for the landfills. The bottom board is made from 100% secondary recycled fibers making them totally eco-friendly.

Recommended Techniques

Ideal For: Pencil, Pastel, Charcoal & Graphite

Also Suitable For: Watercolor, gouache, ink, pen & marker